From to in a click – Thanks Microsoft!

End of Service is March 2011, and you can backup your stuff (good – thank you, much better than what happened with Communities) and you can move it to WordPress – Sweet – Way better…

So if you are an existing Microsoft Live Spaces user and have stuff you want to preserve and/or migrate – get’er done soon.

Mine is now moved and will redirect to So I am now a WordPress user — guess it is about time 🙂

Now I can backup the WP and move it to a WP on one of my hosters as well and have some additional fun in my spare time … 🙂
Whoot! – Thanks Microsoft for making me a WordPress User…. I guess there wasn’t an IIS / ASP.NET platform that was freely hosted to go too… 😦

aka DotNetNuke, etc….. (did I miss something about a “bolt down” application on a Windows hosted Platform) Naw, won’t effect revenue showing everyone how easy it is to move from Microsoft to WordPress..

Just another sad end in a long list of Microsoft also ran competes… At least the “user experience” was a good one, and the MSN live Spaces expenses drain on Stockholders will be done March 2011.

I would have to say that is a “graceful” loss – Well Done.

20090611 – Catchup for April, May and June

yep, I have been behind on my personal updates, so here is a catchup entry to go with the pictures I am adding. It has been a Great 3 months 🙂
Easter breakfast with my dad at our place – Album here
A walk downtown at the Canal – Album here
Our Anniversary – 24th – Anna gave me a Lilly and some Hershy Select Cholocates – Very nice! I gave her some sugar free candy she likes! We went to Maggiano’s via a gift card from Carsey and Rick for helping with his computer issues. – Album here
Next day we went out for a ride (Anna’s first for the season due to knee surgury) to see the new bridge from the trail and to see the new gate in the Jappeense Garden. – Album here
ICC – Indianapolis Childrens Choir with Stephanie Leppert, then we had dinner with Bob and Christa, Johnny and Sharon and our boys – Album here
Morris Lake on Traci’s Party Boat – Great fun and then dinner at Wolfies – Album here
Josh’s Graduation – Congrads and our good friends Son Kyle Yamafuji – Album here
Family day – Cards – Texas Hold’em – Anna won !! then off to see movie – Night at the Museum – Smithsonian. – Album here
Lunch with Clark, Angie, Rick and Carsey – Album here
Jeff and Debbies Wedding at Limetree – Album here
Sarasota Vacation – Album here
Thomas Carr Howe High School ’84 Reunion – Album Here

20090307 – Spring is coming !

Ah it is soo nice to have the windows open of the house open 🙂
As a side note I have just created my Twitter and Technorati Profile accounts 🙂
So now you can see my tweets and my blog rankings.
I have some photo’s to add from dinners and lunchs with friends I will add shortly.
Ah spring … I think Frank Sonatra has a couple great songs on this …..

20090214 – Happy Valentines Day!

Our Dinner in that we made for each other.
I did the Steaks and Potato’s, Anna did the Salad and Wine. The Steaks where from Joes Butcher Shop with 2 Different Teriyaki Marinades.
We walked over with Holly, our bassett to get them and then while the potatoes where cooking, we went to the Carmel Valentine Walk in the Carmel Art’s and Design district we live in.
The Wine was from Columbia Winery – Cellmaster Riesling 2007 that we loved and road to when we lived in Woodville, Wa. We get it here locally at Marsh Supermarke.
Complete meal under $20 and time together – priceless and OMG they where good!

20090201 – Happy 20th Birthday Zach!!!!

He enjoyed his day off and his dinner followed by Shapirros’s Cheesecake!
Enjoy the pictures!

20090130 – Happy Birthday Lizzia Lemo and new video posted of kids

Happy Birthday Lizzia!
Here is a video of the kids I have uploaded to YouTube! Enjoy

20090129 – Happy Birthday Kevin! and snow day recap!

First a shout out to Kevin – Happy Birthday!!!
Here is a couple photos of Kevin and then one of us at Anna and my wedding!
Also I have posted pictures of the snow from yesterday’s snow day!!

20090126 – First Video Shoot under my belt

January is rocking along and I am very excited to have completed my first Video Shoot!
It was for my Dad to cover a couple of modification he has made for a wood working tool he uses.
He is active in his CarveWright community and this was to assist one of the postings he had made in the discussion forums.
The video, bloopers and lessions learned are all documented and available below.
I really enjoy this so far and look forward to more shoots, editing and posting.
Here is the video of the bloopers, enjoy!

20090120 – Awesome Day – President Obama Inauguration and my First Family Video from VHS on YouTube

Wow I am still on a feel good ride!
I was only able to watch 1 hour of the Inauguration, the swearing in and President Obama’s speach, but it was deeply inspiring!
I had to watch it over the air via my media center as CNN like the rest was swamped and not able to handle the number of viewers – something to keep in mind and an area to improve in the industry.
I have two major personal projects I am working on concerning family pictures and video. Here is a teaser video I just uploaded to YouTube that was taken almost 20 years ago. I chose this one as it is short and a number of key people in the video have passed. It shows how YouTube can be annotated. I am looking for a complete list of who is in the video, so I can revise it with the names and links to other videos and pictures as my project progresses.
Most of all, please enjoy seeing those whom we have not seen for a while, think of good times together and smile 🙂
If you click this link it will take your to YouTube player page for this video and you can add comments and rate the video. If you don’t have a YouTube account, you can create one for free or use your Google account as your YouTube Account. Please email me if you have questions and I will help you through the process!
I am going to post a blog entry on my professional site tomorrow about how I am doing the VHS to DVD to YouTube conversion, the scope of the project and the effort needed to pull it off, so look for the post tomorrow evening.

20090116 – Prime Time with You Tube

I have my youtube account up and running as part of one of my Santa projects for me, family and Grigsby Consulting and I am excited.
I have been converting VHS home videos to digital media and then editing them to publish to Youtube.
This entry serves as a good test with more to come on a regular basis.