Monthly Archives: June 2008

20080625 – Dog days of summer

The Carmel Arts District (where we live) held the "Dog days of Summer" Sunday and we had a good time with Holly and all the other dogs and leash bearers 🙂
This was the first one and holds lots of promise. I look forward to the many activities for the dogs that the Woodinville bassett bash has. As a matter of fact we met a couple from Washington that used to attend and had their bassetts with them Sunday. I have pictures of them and there bassetts.
I have a picture of Anna and Holly next to the Statue of the New York v-day kiss of the sailor and nurse. I love this picture and statue and I am soo happy it is apart of the district.
I will be in Columbus, IN onsite at times this week and next for work at a client, so I will try to nab some pictures of the architecture Columbus, IN is know for.
Have a great week!

20080619 – Passenger on my bike

I added a photo album of my special passenger on my bike. I large jumping spider!!!
He/she hitched a ride all the way from Home to Clay Terrace.  I noticed the spider on my handle bar as I was shifting. The spider was just sunning and ejoying the ride like me.
So when I stopped for my mocha and people watching (Lunch Ride) yesterday I snapped a couple pictures and then provided him some leaf transport to a nice green area for its further travels.

20080618 – Vacation recap

Well another successful Sarasota, FL vacation with the family. A big thank you goes out to Al & Judy for their kind gift.
All said and done over 300 pictures, great bike rides, hikes and walks along the beach, soak time in the pool and gulf, shared meals, jet ski’s (doh – no pictures on that, what was I thinking), museum and great art, minature circus, movie – Incredible Hulk.
The kids did there thing – Grand Theft Auto 4, WOW and the pool, besides eating anything that was in sight, reach or not properly hiding. 🙂

20080609 – Sarasota Vacation and Matts Birthday

A quick hello from the beach! Ah the joys of wireless!!!
I have posted the pictures so far, including the ones from Friday nights storm and orange sunset sky with a rainbow, the group birthday celebration, Sunday brunch and misc ones.
I hope all the family in southern Indiana are staying dry!!!
More latter in the week…

20080604 – Summer is here!!

It is my hope this finds you well and in good spirits, and if not, I send a wish of cheer and joy your way 🙂
I have enjoyed spring more this year than any other that I can remember. Renewal is underway and summer has come.  Matt is out of school and the Sarasota Family Vacation is this weekend. I have been out riding my bike on the Monon Trail with Anna, running all the errrands I can via my Townie, so I know that is part of it.
Anna and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary with our first trip to a concert together, without another friend or couple. We enjoyed Sheryl Crows performance and spent most the evening dancing and drinking wine together while she performed….
Al, my father-in-law has made a great recovery from open heart surgery last month, after my mother-in-law Judy spent a month in the hospital.
My Nephew Ryan Graduated from high School.
On the professional front I am working on a couple interesting projects, building clients and a referral base of recruiters.