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From to in a click – Thanks Microsoft!

End of Service is March 2011, and you can backup your stuff (good – thank you, much better than what happened with Communities) and you can move it to WordPress – Sweet – Way better…

So if you are an existing Microsoft Live Spaces user and have stuff you want to preserve and/or migrate – get’er done soon.

Mine is now moved and will redirect to So I am now a WordPress user — guess it is about time 🙂

Now I can backup the WP and move it to a WP on one of my hosters as well and have some additional fun in my spare time … 🙂
Whoot! – Thanks Microsoft for making me a WordPress User…. I guess there wasn’t an IIS / ASP.NET platform that was freely hosted to go too… 😦

aka DotNetNuke, etc….. (did I miss something about a “bolt down” application on a Windows hosted Platform) Naw, won’t effect revenue showing everyone how easy it is to move from Microsoft to WordPress..

Just another sad end in a long list of Microsoft also ran competes… At least the “user experience” was a good one, and the MSN live Spaces expenses drain on Stockholders will be done March 2011.

I would have to say that is a “graceful” loss – Well Done.

20090611 – Catchup for April, May and June

yep, I have been behind on my personal updates, so here is a catchup entry to go with the pictures I am adding. It has been a Great 3 months 🙂
Easter breakfast with my dad at our place – Album here
A walk downtown at the Canal – Album here
Our Anniversary – 24th – Anna gave me a Lilly and some Hershy Select Cholocates – Very nice! I gave her some sugar free candy she likes! We went to Maggiano’s via a gift card from Carsey and Rick for helping with his computer issues. – Album here
Next day we went out for a ride (Anna’s first for the season due to knee surgury) to see the new bridge from the trail and to see the new gate in the Jappeense Garden. – Album here
ICC – Indianapolis Childrens Choir with Stephanie Leppert, then we had dinner with Bob and Christa, Johnny and Sharon and our boys – Album here
Morris Lake on Traci’s Party Boat – Great fun and then dinner at Wolfies – Album here
Josh’s Graduation – Congrads and our good friends Son Kyle Yamafuji – Album here
Family day – Cards – Texas Hold’em – Anna won !! then off to see movie – Night at the Museum – Smithsonian. – Album here
Lunch with Clark, Angie, Rick and Carsey – Album here
Jeff and Debbies Wedding at Limetree – Album here
Sarasota Vacation – Album here
Thomas Carr Howe High School ’84 Reunion – Album Here

20090201 – Happy 20th Birthday Zach!!!!

He enjoyed his day off and his dinner followed by Shapirros’s Cheesecake!
Enjoy the pictures!

20090130 – Happy Birthday Lizzia Lemo and new video posted of kids

Happy Birthday Lizzia!
Here is a video of the kids I have uploaded to YouTube! Enjoy

20090129 – Happy Birthday Kevin! and snow day recap!

First a shout out to Kevin – Happy Birthday!!!
Here is a couple photos of Kevin and then one of us at Anna and my wedding!
Also I have posted pictures of the snow from yesterday’s snow day!!

20090104 – Christmas, New Year, Vette!!!!

Okay, I have some pictures to load, but we have had a great holiday season and hope you have too.
Did I mention, that "Lives" new photo features are less robust than the old… sucks, can’t move pictures or albums as far as order…. Really looking for a new home now.
  • 12/18 – Lunch with Dad and boys
  • 12/19 – Lunch with kids at BW’s – David’s treat 🙂
  • 12/25 – Christmas Morning at home, Dad came over, then evening with Haboush family
  • 12/28 – Audrey’s 1st Birthday
  • 12/31 – New Years Eve dinner with Haboush family 
Our family found a 1989 Vette that we are selling on eBay, sweet ride. Only down side is if it dosen’t fetch the price we want, we will just have to keep it 🙂
Happy New Year!!! 

20081216 – What do you get when you add to much oil and not enough transmission fluid ?

Poorly Functioning 1992 Sable known as Susie.
Warning — I am going to vent here, but hopefully it will save someone the same result..
Okay, so I purchased/loaned/repurchased the 1992 Sable from my brother-in-law David Haboush 2 falls ago for Zach. It was Dad loan me the money to get this, good deal and I will use it to get to work and back and to College and back.
Okay car, thanks David Haboush.
So I didn’t do a great job of explaining all the fluid locations for him, as I clearly stated "get a Chiltons" and read your manual, you need to get to know your car.
So after 18 months  I finnaly get my $500 back, $25 a week, after not paying at all (big dispute in March) in July of 2008. Then I have the fun of helping him limp the car from St. Fancis at Southport back to the north side after I am told it is smoking and not starting right.
Come to find out, it was 5 quarts of oil over full and the Transmission fluid was not even registering.
Now the engine knocks and pings – Probably lifters, bent rods and rings that are none to happy, and a transmission that wont shift out of first aka max speed 15 miles per hour.
Lesson Learned:
Watch over your kids vehicles fuild levels, till you know they have it down and know what is what.
So I bought it back for $50 bucks so I could take ownership after it sat for 4 months of him ignoring it (with expired plates since May), paid for plates and today I spent time after replacing batttery $80, to find out how bad it was.
A. Do it your self Transmission: $300 and you need to be experienced, as anyone who has ever done this knows, most mechanics and shops farm it out to the guys that do it well.
B. Guys that do it well: $1275 to rebuild
Value of Car:
$800 on a good day
So now two options to resolve this and get rid of an extra $95 in insurance for a non-functional vehicle:
1. Junk for Money (I chose this option)
$100 and free tow
2. Junk for Deduction:
1. No interest on loan to son of $500 for 18 months 🙂 (okay at least I got paid back 🙂 )
2. Sitll ended up being my problem – Arg matie, walk the plank!
3. Need to expect less and offer more guidance – I will try harder to educate and participate more supportively 🙂
4. Total cost to me $50 buy back + $80 Battery -(refund of $35 for used battery <24 hours) + $35 title and plate – $100 salvage  = -($30) and learned alot about me and my son whom I dearly love. Cheep lesson learned in the whole big picture
Hope you have a great chuckle, I did 🙂
Zach and Susie Sable – One last time together

20081215 – Ah Holidays and Vacation Time

Well it is the holidays again and Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Already it has been a fast month – Tree at our House, Tree downtown Indy, rememberance of loved ones who have passed before use, Holiday Dinner at Beef and Boards, Lunch with dear friends from my youth and I am on vacation till Jan 5th!!!!!!!
Enjoy the pictures 🙂

200811 – Month of Birthdays, a passing and Thanksgiving!

It was a month of Birthdays!!! – Al, Mac and Eddie – 4th, Jamie – 11th, Theresa -22nd (Passed on the 12th), Beth – 26th and mine on the 29th!
Thanksgiving was great as was my birthday! I love the four day weekend, especially when my bday is on Saturday after Thanksgiving!! Food, Family and time to chill and relax!!!
I have updated the albums for most of November. I am keeping my status updates on Facebook and I may migrate my pictures to Flickr, as it has a map feature I really like, but we will see. I want Microsoft to add the people taging Feature like Facebook and the Map feature like Flickr as well as the picture info Flickr has. I will wait a little, but if no features, I will move them.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

20081119 – Family – Game Night

I don’t want to complain, but I am putting in a statement that I am really tired of Funeral homes.
I am sad to say that Theresa Barger-Haboush, Jeff’s ex-wife, Ryan and Chelsea’s Mom passed away last Wednesday, 11/12/2008 and the Funeral was Monday.
We don’t really know how, why, that will come from the coroner’s report next week. Regarless it is untimely and sad.
So we got dressed up, tooks some quick pics on the way out the door, and then later that night came home and player risk with the boys. The pictures are so we can restart the game this weekend from where we left off. Anna is Green, Matt is Gray, Zach is Red and I am Blue.
I am looking forward to next week, as it is Thanksgiving and my birthday falls on the that Saturday!!! Whoot !!!!!
Be Thankful for all that you have had, have and will have, most of all your Family and Friends 🙂