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20080128 – Family over

Well boxes are almost gone, one room left to setup but that will wait a week or two as Zach’s birthday is Friday and we are getting together Sunday at the local Red Robin.
I have a new development class computer that I am setting up. Good stuff for my professional blog!
Jimmy and Dad came over for breakfast that I and Ann cooked (didn’t have camera out – dooh)
Mmmm good. We had a good breakfast, chat and we laughed a bunch.
Dad left before I came to my photo senses ūüôā
Anna’s Parents and brother David and family came by for a impromptu visit and we had a grand time looking at photos over the past 26 years+.
We found the tub of toys from when Zach and Matt where little and Lilly and the big kids had fun. It was like Christmas again!
Interviews are in process and in the hunt for contracts as well.
Jamie sent me the Pandora site in my list Рvery cool, now it is my music box
Mike Francis sent me the NotchUp site and looks very promising – links to LinkIn, so very handy and will add to my list!
Best Thoughts to you all!

Move Status

Anna, Zach, Matt and I along with Holly have been moved in since Jan 1st
All our stuff is out of storage in Carmel, IN with us
Snicker Doodle and Twix, our cats are back from Katies and living with us – Thanks Katie!
Phone was installed right as we moved in, but DSL order was "lost" and was finially up and running Saturday!!
I have been using cough* "free wireless" cough… so I was behind on my online items, needed the time to unpack anyway
My office is back together and functional
I am getting back in the grove, working with recruiters and clients to get my income stream producing the steaks

Andi’s Service and Funeral

Thanks to all that came, sent flowers, memorials, email or left a voice mail. I hope you have received Jimmy’s thanks as well.

Holiday Cards

They will go out this weekend and we will have our new address and contact info in them for you.
Also, if you use Linked In, please feel free to invite me or Anna

New Beginings 2008


I have updated my photo albums, reordered them and added some more books to the list.


I have added a music list and a video’s list.


I am going to keep my entries short so that the "5" don’t scroll many pages


I am currently working on new contracts for Grigsby Consulting LLC for me to work under.


I am keeping a google blog for my professional ramblings.


Anna is still at Personix and has the benifits covered, so it is my job to get the steaks ūüôā


Hope all is well with you and your families!


Recap 2007

Zach graduated High School in June
Family went to Sarasota, FL with Haboush Family in June
Family went to Michigan City for Anna’s Birthday
Anna and I decided to close Caffe Del Drago at the end of July
I went to Washinton at the end of August for 4 Months to work on a Microsoft contract
Anna started her new job at Personix
Anna visits in Washintong in October and we made plans to move to Washington at end of year
Family moves out of New Palestine at Thanksgiving while I was in town visiting and move in with Anna’s parents for December
Anna and I decide that we need to be in Indiana even though we want to return to Washington, it is not the right time
I leave Washington Dec 11th
Andi, my syster, passes unexpectedly Dec 13th while I am in route back to Indiana
Andi’s Funeral was Dec 18th
Christmas with Family at Al and Judy’s
Find new Apartment in Carmel, near school, Monon trail, art’s district and move in at end of year