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20090307 – Spring is coming !

Ah it is soo nice to have the windows open of the house open 🙂
As a side note I have just created my Twitter and Technorati Profile accounts 🙂
So now you can see my tweets and my blog rankings.
I have some photo’s to add from dinners and lunchs with friends I will add shortly.
Ah spring … I think Frank Sonatra has a couple great songs on this …..

20090126 – First Video Shoot under my belt

January is rocking along and I am very excited to have completed my first Video Shoot!
It was for my Dad to cover a couple of modification he has made for a wood working tool he uses.
He is active in his CarveWright community and this was to assist one of the postings he had made in the discussion forums.
The video, bloopers and lessions learned are all documented and available below.
I really enjoy this so far and look forward to more shoots, editing and posting.
Here is the video of the bloopers, enjoy!

20090120 – Awesome Day – President Obama Inauguration and my First Family Video from VHS on YouTube

Wow I am still on a feel good ride!
I was only able to watch 1 hour of the Inauguration, the swearing in and President Obama’s speach, but it was deeply inspiring!
I had to watch it over the air via my media center as CNN like the rest was swamped and not able to handle the number of viewers – something to keep in mind and an area to improve in the industry.
I have two major personal projects I am working on concerning family pictures and video. Here is a teaser video I just uploaded to YouTube that was taken almost 20 years ago. I chose this one as it is short and a number of key people in the video have passed. It shows how YouTube can be annotated. I am looking for a complete list of who is in the video, so I can revise it with the names and links to other videos and pictures as my project progresses.
Most of all, please enjoy seeing those whom we have not seen for a while, think of good times together and smile 🙂
If you click this link it will take your to YouTube player page for this video and you can add comments and rate the video. If you don’t have a YouTube account, you can create one for free or use your Google account as your YouTube Account. Please email me if you have questions and I will help you through the process!
I am going to post a blog entry on my professional site tomorrow about how I am doing the VHS to DVD to YouTube conversion, the scope of the project and the effort needed to pull it off, so look for the post tomorrow evening.

20081029 – Fall has come and is leaving fast

okay, sorry been a while, but I have been really busy and as always learned some new things about me and the world in general.
I have lots of pictures I will add tonight and over the weekend. My office has been relocated from the second floor to the basement. We did this so we could make the office for the whole family and I could be next to my lab area as well.
I like keeping this space for personal items, so I will update my professional site with what projects I have been working on.
Also, I now have a facebook site, so check it out for "more in the moment" items, but pictures, etc will stay here.
Big items: Apple Orchard, Al back in hospital (still there), IKEA/Brands/Micro Center trip to Cincinatti, OH, I am returning to IUPUI in spring 2009 to complete my BA in Computer Science thus the math studying :-), etc. As I load pictures I am sure the last 90 days will come flooding back, did I mention I was really busy – (lots of work).
Yep, and the memories did come zooming back- Visits with Audrey, Lilly, Birthday Parties, Everett and Barbara Cass (Judy’s oldest brother – first wife Barbara passed 8 year ago, Yep second wife is Barbara as well), End of Summer Concert by Endless Summer – Nick Lemo’s band, College Day with Matt and Clint at IU in Bloomington, Sushi at Kona Grill, drinks with Jim Hochstatter when he was in town last week – No pictures to protect the innoc… well us 🙂
Happy Halloween!

20071118 Thanksgiving – My favorite holiday and Phishers too

I must say this is my favorite Holiday of the year, I hope you enjoy it as well.
It seems to me to be the one holiday devoted to thanks and gratitude for what we have and that is also devoted to family.
I only wish "Black Friday" afterwards was a week later. Each to their own and I hope they find the bargins that they are looking for.
It is because of this commercial frenzy that Phishers (fishers) have such great success this time of year. I have sent out an email with some good info on the subject and I have put a copy here as well for you if you didn’t get it. Please be extra careful this time of year with email you receive. I know we are all busy, but these individuals in the crimeware business make BILLIONS off of this "we are so busy I didn’t notice" fact alone.
Well, as I write, I have 71 hours till I land in Indianapolis to have Thanksgiving with my family. You can check the time as I do at . When Thanksgiving is over, I will help complete their move to Al & Judy’s and the "stuff" to storage untill Christmas. At Christmas I will then fly back and I will help complete the move of Anna, Matt and Stuff (holly, snickerdoodle and twix as well) to Snoqualmie, Wa in time for the first of the year – 2008!
It has been a good 12 weeks since I left for the new gig with Microsoft, and just a short 4 weeks after Thanksgiving and we will be back together in the same home. Zach is staying at the present in Indy with Al and Judy for the Spring Semester at Kelly Business School at IUPUI and then the plan is for him to move onto campus at IU in Bloomington next fall.
I have been out hiking, walking and I look forward to getting on the scales back at 27A to see what 12 weeks has done for me. I can say that I am feeling great and my pants are too big again, which is fine. I will buy some after Thanksgiving. I hope to give myself a nice Birthday gift by being able to buy a pair of dockers off the normal shelf…. We will see. The last photo’s where just one size up, so I have held off and just put another whole in the belt.
Best of all I can now get closer to the ones I love 🙂