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As promised I made pancakes for Harry and me today, along with some bacon and left over homefries I made with the Salmon last night.
I was at Fred Myers yesterday getting a couple items I needed – shaving cream, etc. and I found they sell Salmon already in 6oz portion with the skin removed for $4. nice, easy and no fuss.
I settled into my new room, cleaned, put away items, etc. Now it is time to go sign papers, etc and get ready for Tuesday.
I plan to go hiking and read up for Tuesday.
I still need to transfer pictures and send a couple more emails, but I will get to it this weekend as Harry is going to Or. to see his family.

Fall City – I am here

I made it to Issaquah by 6:40 PM PST time yesterday. It was a beautiful drive across Montana, Idaho and Washington.  I really did try to take it in as I zoomed along. No music, no radio, just the sound of the wind and cars on a wonderfully vibrant blue day.
I meet Harry for dinner at Red Robin – Banzi Boca Burger – ahhhhhh feeling better, still dealing with the physical distance between me and family, but it was good to chat with Harry. Three days of listening to me… we you know 🙂
Harry and I came to an agreement on living arrangements so I am officially a room mate and no longer a hotel hopper 🙂
We just had breakfast, sent him off to play nice at Microsoft with some lunch money and now I need to get settled in with some good basic chores and unloading the car.
Speaking of car, boy was my trusty steed a wonderfull drive. I need to take a picture and post latter when I get my room setup.
Thank you Anna!
All my love and hopes are with you, Zach, Matt and the rest of family and friends, even if I am not there in person.

Billings – 800 Miles to go to Issaquah

I made it to Billings today. Today and yesterday has been a nice ride. It was a little rainy, but it was a good day for it. I have some pictures that I will post tomorrow.
I was driving north of Gillete, WY and from the bluff the high way I was on, you could see a train which was about a mile long, in its entirety.
Once I was in Northern Wy, the blue skies returned and ah…. I am back in the mountains……
Well on to Issaquah!

On the Road again

After a hard weekend of packing and dealing with emotions, I was off on the road at 9:30am. 
I travel to Sioux Falls, SD by 10:00pm and called it a day. Next stop I hope is Billings, MT, but It may be only Cheyene, Wy, we will see.
Then I open a beautiful Card Anna had hidden in the car and was mush all over again 🙂
I did see a couple interesting items for those that like road stuff. I saw a town name What Cheer, a road name thousand dollars and many many huge Wind Mill Vanes on Over Sized Loads. They are HUGE. I even saw a couple in operation. Very cool.
Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Birthday Milton!
Well back on the road!

Off to Washington – The hunt was successful

I leave Monday for Washington as my contract start date is 9/4/2007 and the contract is slated for 1 year. I will be an Orange Badge, aka contractor in non Microsoft speak. Thanks for everyone’s help!
I even believe I have a bunk lined up, so I won’t even have to worry about lodging, I will keep you all up to date once it is finalized.  I am sure it was my offer to make mocha’s and waffles on Saturday mornings that made the difference! 🙂
Family is staying put for this year to maintain consistency for everyone. So my planned first trip back will be Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.
I will be blogging regularly to help keep the family in the loop. And I am sure the Web Cams will come in handy!
Dad – Happy Birthday! – 8/28
Andi – Happy Birthday! – 9/5 (29 again)
Chris – Happy Birthday! – 9/5
Gregg – Happy Birthday! – 9/7
Well lots to do, so this one is short. Again, thank you all for your assistance!

The hunt is on

Been a busy week, between clients, applying for positions, both FTE and contract. Kids in the full swing of school. Anna and I have talked alot about want we want out of life these past couple of months. Anna plans to stay in Indiana this time till I get settled in, that way Matt can finish his sophmore year. Zach is in his first year of Indiana University’s Kelly Business School and would just move onto campus next year. Some may already be aware that I have applied at Microsoft both as a FTE – Blue Badge and as a contractor – Orange Badge. 
I am looking for a role as a Feature or Technical PM, preferably in a product group or a Senior Consultant. I belive I can ramp up on just about any technology that leverages my development, debugging and SQL strengths. I have applied for Blue and Organge Badge positions.
I have my resume available at as well incase you know of a position you would recommend me for.
A rough day at Microsoft with good co-workers is still a good day, just took me some time to appreciate and acknowledge it. I miss the PNW air and beauty.
My sister seems to be at a good plateau, my dad as well. Anna’s parents are stable. 2004 was rough and I don’t expect to repeat that again.
So one to another week of hunting! 

Monday Monday – Mama and the Papa’

As I sat down to write this entry, with it storming, thunderbooms with great lightning show, this song that was my mother’s favorite came to mind. I found a excellent version in video on the web, so if you have a minute or two, give it a spin. I know for a fact I heard this on the LP player so many times, I thought that was the only record mom had.
Zach started orientation yesterday, and will go again today and tomorrow, with his first real day Wednesday!.
Matt was so thrilled to return to class today, he asked if it was summer break yet 🙂
Anna and I had a great Sunday, as we went with her parents, Al & Judy to go look at a weekend lake cottage in Farifield, In. by Brookville Lake. Nice trip to the deep country by the Ohio border, and we had a great dinner with her parents, Aunt Biny and her grandson Mike Fuller who was in visiting. We ate at the Sherman House which has great german food. If you look at the menu, I had the "German Fare" – a really nice sampler, and of course the best to me was the potato pancakes… hmmm. The meatloaf was wonderful as well.
Side note, Anna and I will be supporting her brother Jeff, tomorrow at court, so good thoughts to him are requested. You never want a jury trial where some you care about is the defendant for anything, especially a charge that seems contrived and trumped up by your ex. I will leave it at that.
Anna and I have both been busy submitting resumes online and are making headway, more to come as we make decissions (and of course offers). So if you know of somethng that you think sounds like us, let us know.
I will say I find Monster so far to be very well done as well as many Employer and Staffing Sites. Very interesting to see how the online world has reshapped this process of our lives.
Well back to client work, hope you enjoy the music and the day. I will work on getting some of our pictures from Sarasota this year posted soon.

Having Fun this weekend – All work and no play …

As discussed yesterday, Anna and I went to Rustic Gardens Miniture Golf (look ma, no kids!).  True story from twenty-five years ago. I was working on Anna’s birthday gift, a portrait of her in pastel from her senior picture, when she called me to go play miniture golf with her at Rustic Gardens. I declined as I was on a deadline to complete her picture for her party that night, but couldn’t tell her without giving up the suprise. She liked the picture, but we did’t get around to going for some reason. So we finally went yesterday and had a great time! She won of course! ;-). I have added the a small picture from the shop where it was on display while the shop was open. I will put a better picture in the albums.
I cancelled my Saturday Computer Garage Club. They are a good group of folks and are always great to learn with, but Anna and I felt we needed to be able to spend time with the family today having fun. 
Anna and I are also working on our plan for this next couple of years, so we need to be able to clear our plate and be of good cheer 🙂
My Dad called and then stopped by to join us for breakfast. Anna made a great Saturday morning meal, eggs, country skillet potatoes and biscuits… mm. Miss this part of having the coffee house, as we generally saw both of our parents on Saturdays for breakfast. Something I think we will put on the going forward list.
We also went the show with Matt to see Rush Hour 3, a series that Matt enjoys with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. We had a good time and he enjoyed the show. Zach had already seen it with his friends, so he was still asleep when we left this morning. He likes to play "magic" at the local game preserve on Fridays, so he was out late.
I am looking foward to this week coming up with both Zach and Matt in their new schedules. Now it is our turn to get into a new schedule. 🙂


Well it has been a good week, full of change. Anna and I plan to take some down time this weekend, and we may start early this afternoon.
Anna decided to close down the coffee house July 31st, 2007 so we are finishing up the last of that change.
We also found out BIBO’s coffee in Snoqualmie also closed this summer.
Time to find a new favorite coffee house to hang out in. This one is a little bitter-sweet.
Enjoy the weekend!

School has started again :-)

Matt Started back to School Yesterday – Sophmore this year at New Palestine High School.
I like it better when school is in, as I feel our family is on a better schedule. The boys meander all over the clock if they don’t have a school schedule to follow no matter how insistant we get…. Kids/Parents same old battle.
Oh yeh, if you want to see how bad you can make your teenagers day, fill a lunch box with good food and have it ready by the door with his name on it. Scooby doo decorations get you extra points! (never miss with mom).
Zach starts at the Kelly Business School at IUPUI on Monday, with orientation for the KBS Sunday.
Anna and I where talking about the first day when we put Zach on the Bus for Kindergarten at Grassy Creek Elementery.
Hey we will be empty nesters in 7 years!!!!! ( as long as we don’t have any boomerangs).