Monthly Archives: October 2008

20081031 – Happy Halloween

Ah the fun of trick or treaters!!!
I have a couple pictures of the kids that stopped by tonight!
Great day, can’t remember a halloween so nice as this one was weather wise.
Also, I have a picture of Dad from our lunch today as well.
Hope you had a great day!

20081029 – Fall has come and is leaving fast

okay, sorry been a while, but I have been really busy and as always learned some new things about me and the world in general.
I have lots of pictures I will add tonight and over the weekend. My office has been relocated from the second floor to the basement. We did this so we could make the office for the whole family and I could be next to my lab area as well.
I like keeping this space for personal items, so I will update my professional site with what projects I have been working on.
Also, I now have a facebook site, so check it out for "more in the moment" items, but pictures, etc will stay here.
Big items: Apple Orchard, Al back in hospital (still there), IKEA/Brands/Micro Center trip to Cincinatti, OH, I am returning to IUPUI in spring 2009 to complete my BA in Computer Science thus the math studying :-), etc. As I load pictures I am sure the last 90 days will come flooding back, did I mention I was really busy – (lots of work).
Yep, and the memories did come zooming back- Visits with Audrey, Lilly, Birthday Parties, Everett and Barbara Cass (Judy’s oldest brother – first wife Barbara passed 8 year ago, Yep second wife is Barbara as well), End of Summer Concert by Endless Summer – Nick Lemo’s band, College Day with Matt and Clint at IU in Bloomington, Sushi at Kona Grill, drinks with Jim Hochstatter when he was in town last week – No pictures to protect the innoc… well us 🙂
Happy Halloween!