20090120 – Awesome Day – President Obama Inauguration and my First Family Video from VHS on YouTube

Wow I am still on a feel good ride!
I was only able to watch 1 hour of the Inauguration, the swearing in and President Obama’s speach, but it was deeply inspiring!
I had to watch it over the air via my media center as CNN like the rest was swamped and not able to handle the number of viewers – something to keep in mind and an area to improve in the industry.
I have two major personal projects I am working on concerning family pictures and video. Here is a teaser video I just uploaded to YouTube that was taken almost 20 years ago. I chose this one as it is short and a number of key people in the video have passed. It shows how YouTube can be annotated. I am looking for a complete list of who is in the video, so I can revise it with the names and links to other videos and pictures as my project progresses.
Most of all, please enjoy seeing those whom we have not seen for a while, think of good times together and smile 🙂
If you click this link it will take your to YouTube player page for this video and you can add comments and rate the video. If you don’t have a YouTube account, you can create one for free or use your Google account as your YouTube Account. Please email me if you have questions and I will help you through the process!
I am going to post a blog entry on my professional site tomorrow about how I am doing the VHS to DVD to YouTube conversion, the scope of the project and the effort needed to pull it off, so look for the post tomorrow evening.
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