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Recap of Sept 10th – Oct 1st

I have been on the phone more with my family these past 3 weeks while I have been getting into my new routine and they have been getting into theirs.
School for the young men and new work, that pays well, for Anna and I.
I did get the photo’s of Wallace Falls from Sept 9th and the dear running through Harry’s front drive and yard latter that week uploaded, but without some verbage I am sure it was not nearly as informative.
I also was fortunate to recover some picture I thought where lost to a bug in my camera phone when it filled up taking a picture when I arrived in Washington. I have upload them as well a some photo’s of the Halo 3 miniatures at the company store.
I have been very busy to say the least, but it has helped keep my emotions level with being away from the family. It is clearly still hard, but I have great friends to help keep me sane and support me though this time of bi-location.
Let’s see, general day is up about 6:00am, shower, dress, make breakfast and pack my lunch, car pool in with Harry to Campus.
I really saves about 20 minutes each way for us to car pool due to the Diamond Lane (carpool lane) and then car pool parking if we go between buildings on campus, and yes we both save on gas.
Then 8-10 hours, lunch with a friend or colleague, or a quick visit with my lunch pale to the cafe on the first floor, then we car pool home, make dinner and if I am left with any energy, I try to write letters, email and update the blog.
Fall is really starting to settle in and Friday night on the way back from Lake City via Seattle on I-90, there was a great Harvest / Halloween moon with the clouds. It is only a camera phone picture, but as it showed up with the light balance of hiway lights, it lends to how bright and magnificent it was.
Anna and I have been elevated to celebrity status here of late. The New Palestine Verbal Gazzette is fabricating yarns and lore which are entertaining to say the least and from it we have become the subject of certain base and blue conversations. It is has been rummored that I have left Anna, Zach, Matt, Holly, Snickerdoodle, Twix, my family I care dearly for, so that I could be with another woman. I have heard Microsoft called such, but never by anyone from Indiana. These fables have so completely revised my history, as to say I was even terminated from the CTO position I resigned from. I am sure it was because I was technically incompentant or some even more interesting than falsehood concerning my inability to something they surely know more about, as they have done my work at that level before. Kind of funny how silly things look under a light don’t you think? 
Okay, please look at the pictures of Harry from the hiking ablum to Wallace falls. He is a really nice guy and great friend, but I am not gay, nor is he. All you have to do is go to and look at my beloved wife and my too handsome young men, Zach and Matt, to know we are just falling down laughing each time we hear the absurdity of it. Cleary some people don’t believe that in this day and age, that some people leave Indiana for better work that provides better benifits and pay. We won’t even mention that the work is with a diverse set of bright people trying to make technology more rewarding. The Silcon Forest, aka Pacific Northwest and Silcon Valley, aka San Fransico, are the top 2 technology centers in North America.
So, after three years back in Indiana, for family reasons, it was time to return to a venue where my income was comensurate with my skill and my work is fulfilling, challenging and leading edge. Grigsby Consulting, Daniels Associates, Caffe Del Drago, my role as CTO for the City of Indianapolis/Marion County, where all unique and interesting in their own way, but I was never being challenged to my capacity, never being compensated to my potential, and never was I really growing. From my perspective now, I feel I have lost five years in the space of three. I did meet good people, I did good things. I wish I could say that it yielded the best results for my family, but that would be a falsehood. While some of our goals for Zach and Matt where acheived, many goals Anna and I had where not.
I loved the social times with people that are dear to me in the mornings, and having breakfast with our families on Saturdays, seeing my young men, every morning at the coffee house, before going to school. I could give you so many wonderful and beautiful memories of what we had created, but none of those moments provided for my family, and thus I was being irresponsible with our families assets.
So after Anna and I waited a year to validate our decision to close the coffee house, which Anna did on her birthday vaction to Michigan City, we commenced to shut down the coffee house in the same no nonsense way we opened. From Start to Open was 30 days, from Final Decision to Close to Closure was 7 days.
The community and lodge had a gathering place, but it was not profitable for my family. Our vendors made the most of anyone, then the State of Indiana, then the utilties,and finally the Lodge. Anna and I never did get a salary, she only made tips, which where used to cover the many shortfalls that happened each month. I invested my earned income to cover the 2 out of 3 months each quarter that produced shortfalls. The orginal data we had from the census, was skewed by farm income, which made the area look like a growing and prosperus concern. Well, we know better now and we learned a great many things about business and ourselves. 
I am now helping previous Microsoft friends out here that have a BBQ Institue, BBQ resturant and BBQ catering business. They make more in one Saturday, than we grossed on an average week. They make more in a average catering event than we grossed for a whole month. So it is clear that even though the size towns are similar, we where wasting our time when it comes to the revenue we should have been creating with a different product venue. It is very clear now, that the mistake was ours and ours to correct, which we did.
So, the lodge was provided with a public facing tenant that upgraded the rental space to code, using tenant money (ours), which was then taken in trade for rent for the first 23 months. This venture provided public awareness again for the lodge while providing income from a resource that had gone years without producing a dime, but all the while deteriating. I brought 5 members to the lodge, provided hours of labor practicing my masonic craft, only to be informed that my contributions and efforts have now become unappreciated due to my departure.
So Anna and I have not been suprised to learn, that the moment we focused ourselves on our needs, that others become focused on creating a yarn to cover their sense of loss and inability to believe that we where the same people, just a little wiser and more focused on our individual and family needs.
Anna and I needed to learn to pay ourselves first and make sure that we take care of our family first. Simple lesson of course, but it is easy to get caught up in helping thy neighbor and community thinking it will manifest itself for you as well.
I am positive now that we have begun doing the right things for us and this interesting celebrity train wreck story is only proof to support that conclusion.
Matt had asked to stay in high school this year, instead of moving so quick as I needed too, and Anna and I agreed. It also gave Anna time to complete the thining out needed from the closure of Caffe Del Drago. She and I did not want to be in a fire sale mode, while she found new employment, and Zach became accustomed to his Freshman year of college.  
So here is the less than interesting version for anybody to read, should they find the truth, from our perspective valuable in some way.