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20080731 – Update on Funeral – Delay a week

Judy’s funeral has been delayed a week so that Al could attend both the showing and the service, as his doctors would not furlow him for both this week. He is making good progress in his recovery. The concern was over the probability of a setback in his recovery.
Please continue to watch the above link for the final date and time. Also, the guest book is limited in it’s entry, even though it shows more than will be shown on the acceptance page. Of course I found this out the hard way.
My comment
"You are the mother of my beloved Anna. Regardless of your saying"
was really
"You are the mother of my beloved Anna. Regardless of your saying that I am your only son-in-law, but not necessarily my favorite, you are my favorite mother-in-law. Your physical presence will be missed. You are every in our hearts and are loved. Rest well and be at peace"

20080727 – a fast week with many highs and lows

Al and Judy: Judy’s Funeral is scheduled for Friday, Showing Thursday Night 4-9 at East Washington Flanner and Buchanan. Al is make good progress, he started oatmeal yesterday, was out of bed and was able to sit in a chair. Friday he was moved from St. Francis South to St. Francis Beach Grove Select One care. Still many days of recovery needed but he is dong better. My Dad has finished the floor of his garage/workshop this week. On top of that he made the score of the decade with a great deal on a new black top driveway since he was close to the Pendelton Pike project. Kudos Dad for getting a great bargin. I am way overdue for a bike ride with all the choas that comes with hospitals visits and a funeral being added into a very busy regular schedule. Anna and I where able to car pool this week. We should be able to carpool two to four times a week with the addition of my latest client to my practice. I plan to ride the bike the other 2 days. It is straight downtown via the Monon which is a dream of mine come true. Zach had his townie 21 stolen at Marsh, which is his place of work. More to come on that, one of those nobody has time as it is a low priority to the parties involved. Matt and Zach have been asked to be pallbearers. Matt is enjoying the last fragments of summer vacation. Also a Happy Birthday shout out to Rhonda today:-)

20080723 – Happy Birthday Anna!!!

Happy Birthday to my beloved, Anna. We are going to hold off celebrating in full till some time in August, and I understand her wishes. It was a similar issue for me when I was in washington for mine, and returned to Andi, my sister passing. You just don’t feel like celebrating yet. So I will post some special Anna birthday past pictures before the weekend!!! So my wish for her is more great times like below 🙂 Happy Birthday Anna!

20080722 – Sad News and hopeful news

First with the sad, Judy Haboush passed this morning about 5:10am with family in attendance. All Advanced Life Support drugs where ceased at 2:00am. Funeral information will be forth coming. Don’t expect one this week or next if the Mortuary can honor Al’s request to wait a couple weeks so he can attend. Al is recovering from surgery, needs lots of rest and time to heal at all levels, but he is strong of heart and the family is there to help him. Please understand if visitation is limited, as he REALLY NEEDS TO REST and RECOVER for the next couple days. You prayers and thoughts are still needed and we all believe Judy is where she will be happiest, with her creator in the bliss of the devine and loved ones who have preceeded her.


Yesterday was even harder. All news was worse to bad. I expect a funeral soon as the life support drugs and related systems will be withdrawl today for Judy. Al has taken a turn for the worse and will undergo surgery for his colon perferations at 11:30am.. I am onsite at a client, so little information will beforth comming till I get a call or text from Anna. Thanks to all that have called, emailed or stopped by.

20080719 update on Al and Judy

Al continues to improve but the information about him being released yesterday was inaccurate as it will still be a couple days. Family has hope that Judy will fight the infections with the antiboitics and continual diallizer. She has become less responsive each day. yesterday was very hard on the family. The heart cath went well. Result since the infection is so pervasive and she is not alert is the risk of surgery would put the surivability at single digits at this time. So we wait, hope and pray. I have added a couple photos of the family, more to come.

20080718 – early update on Al and Judy

Anna was on her way to work – Very early 4:30am, when she got a call from the hospital and Judy was moved to ICU from progressive care due to drop in blood pressure and oxigen level. Late last night the family received new news about options for valve replacement, validation from MRI’s and CAT Scans taken yesterday that no new strokes have happened this week. This is good news in that her cognative fuctions are impared because of the infection that has made her septic. So as you can see the information is very fluid and creates confussion. Good news is she may have options and this is a ray of hope for the family. This is all provided that they can perform the cath today to see the damaged and infected valve and she can hold her own. My father-in-law is being transferred to the same hospital this morning and he his making good progress. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers while the family is on this emotional roller coaster.

20080716 – Lunch with Dorita at sailing club

I have already posted pictures, but was delayed on the blog entry due to Al and Judy’s condition.

It was great to hear about all the great ideas and training Dorita has been engaged in!

I really enjoyed the sail boat and the club at giest. As you can see by the pictures it was agreat day for lunch at the park and to share notes and thoughts on the social web, consulting and all the realted topics and technologies.

Thanks again for a great meeting and lunch Dorita!

20080717 – update on Al and Judy

All, Al is at one hospital and Judy is at another. Al is planned to be released tomorrow after he dializes, so the diverticulitis has subsided..Judy has suffered a major stroke and her upper heart valve (mitral) has a one inch growth of calcium and or blood clot and or infection that is believed to be causing the back flushing and infection. So short is we will be blessed to see her go home. so we can use your best and most positive thoughts and or prayers for her resolution.

20080715 – Judy and Al could use your thoughts and prayers

All, a quick note that Judy, my mother-in-law is in the hospital again, admitted Sunday and appears to have suffered a stroke. We are all still awaiting diagnosis and next steps, as there is a loss of mobility and some cognitive imparment. Then today Al is under going some tests as he is experiencing some difficulties with abdominal pain and is being checked out. Sooo if you can, please send some positive thoughts and prayers their way in a way that is acceptable to you.