Monthly Archives: February 2009

20090214 – Happy Valentines Day!

Our Dinner in that we made for each other.
I did the Steaks and Potato’s, Anna did the Salad and Wine. The Steaks where from Joes Butcher Shop with 2 Different Teriyaki Marinades.
We walked over with Holly, our bassett to get them and then while the potatoes where cooking, we went to the Carmel Valentine Walk in the Carmel Art’s and Design district we live in.
The Wine was from Columbia Winery – Cellmaster Riesling 2007 that we loved and road to when we lived in Woodville, Wa. We get it here locally at Marsh Supermarke.
Complete meal under $20 and time together – priceless and OMG they where good!

20090201 – Happy 20th Birthday Zach!!!!

He enjoyed his day off and his dinner followed by Shapirros’s Cheesecake!
Enjoy the pictures!