Monthly Archives: March 2008

20080316 – Some pictures added

Couple of Family events, bday for David H and Ryan H, Stopped by to see Audrey and Josh and going to visit Judy in the hospital, so this is brief.

20080303 Whew a minute to catch my breath

Well that was a fast month!

I just completed a 3 week contract gig with Tech Support Alliance for a client of theirs, so that is why the month flew by in a flash. I met some old associates from Lantech in the process. More about that gig will show on my professional blog as I have lots of good tidbits.

It was a wonderful day yesterday and Anna and I got the bikes down, air’d them up and went for a 7 mile ride on the Monon trail.  Via Spring!
I am also working with Panera’s at 116th and keystone to promote their breakfast sandwiches and wifi along with my consulting company, Grigsby Consulting LLC. We have started a "Monday Morning Computer Breakfast Club". I am excited about getting infront of people to teach them short simple topics they can use.
I have a copy of the flyer you can download here –>
Hope all is well with you and your families!