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Having Fun this weekend – All work and no play …

As discussed yesterday, Anna and I went to Rustic Gardens Miniture Golf (look ma, no kids!).  True story from twenty-five years ago. I was working on Anna’s birthday gift, a portrait of her in pastel from her senior picture, when she called me to go play miniture golf with her at Rustic Gardens. I declined as I was on a deadline to complete her picture for her party that night, but couldn’t tell her without giving up the suprise. She liked the picture, but we did’t get around to going for some reason. So we finally went yesterday and had a great time! She won of course! ;-). I have added the a small picture from the shop where it was on display while the shop was open. I will put a better picture in the albums.
I cancelled my Saturday Computer Garage Club. They are a good group of folks and are always great to learn with, but Anna and I felt we needed to be able to spend time with the family today having fun. 
Anna and I are also working on our plan for this next couple of years, so we need to be able to clear our plate and be of good cheer 🙂
My Dad called and then stopped by to join us for breakfast. Anna made a great Saturday morning meal, eggs, country skillet potatoes and biscuits… mm. Miss this part of having the coffee house, as we generally saw both of our parents on Saturdays for breakfast. Something I think we will put on the going forward list.
We also went the show with Matt to see Rush Hour 3, a series that Matt enjoys with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. We had a good time and he enjoyed the show. Zach had already seen it with his friends, so he was still asleep when we left this morning. He likes to play "magic" at the local game preserve on Fridays, so he was out late.
I am looking foward to this week coming up with both Zach and Matt in their new schedules. Now it is our turn to get into a new schedule. 🙂


Well it has been a good week, full of change. Anna and I plan to take some down time this weekend, and we may start early this afternoon.
Anna decided to close down the coffee house July 31st, 2007 so we are finishing up the last of that change.
We also found out BIBO’s coffee in Snoqualmie also closed this summer.
Time to find a new favorite coffee house to hang out in. This one is a little bitter-sweet.
Enjoy the weekend!