20081216 – What do you get when you add to much oil and not enough transmission fluid ?

Poorly Functioning 1992 Sable known as Susie.
Warning — I am going to vent here, but hopefully it will save someone the same result..
Okay, so I purchased/loaned/repurchased the 1992 Sable from my brother-in-law David Haboush 2 falls ago for Zach. It was Dad loan me the money to get this, good deal and I will use it to get to work and back and to College and back.
Okay car, thanks David Haboush.
So I didn’t do a great job of explaining all the fluid locations for him, as I clearly stated "get a Chiltons" and read your manual, you need to get to know your car.
So after 18 months  I finnaly get my $500 back, $25 a week, after not paying at all (big dispute in March) in July of 2008. Then I have the fun of helping him limp the car from St. Fancis at Southport back to the north side after I am told it is smoking and not starting right.
Come to find out, it was 5 quarts of oil over full and the Transmission fluid was not even registering.
Now the engine knocks and pings – Probably lifters, bent rods and rings that are none to happy, and a transmission that wont shift out of first aka max speed 15 miles per hour.
Lesson Learned:
Watch over your kids vehicles fuild levels, till you know they have it down and know what is what.
So I bought it back for $50 bucks so I could take ownership after it sat for 4 months of him ignoring it (with expired plates since May), paid for plates and today I spent time after replacing batttery $80, to find out how bad it was.
A. Do it your self Transmission: $300 and you need to be experienced, as anyone who has ever done this knows, most mechanics and shops farm it out to the guys that do it well.
B. Guys that do it well: $1275 to rebuild
Value of Car:
$800 on a good day
So now two options to resolve this and get rid of an extra $95 in insurance for a non-functional vehicle:
1. Junk for Money (I chose this option)
$100 and free tow
2. Junk for Deduction:
1. No interest on loan to son of $500 for 18 months 🙂 (okay at least I got paid back 🙂 )
2. Sitll ended up being my problem – Arg matie, walk the plank!
3. Need to expect less and offer more guidance – I will try harder to educate and participate more supportively 🙂
4. Total cost to me $50 buy back + $80 Battery -(refund of $35 for used battery <24 hours) + $35 title and plate – $100 salvage  = -($30) and learned alot about me and my son whom I dearly love. Cheep lesson learned in the whole big picture
Hope you have a great chuckle, I did 🙂
Zach and Susie Sable – One last time together
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