20081105 – Post election thoughts

Well a very interesting election and I am so glad that Anna and I voted absentee, as yesterday was very hectic and didn’t quite go as planned.
We stopped by to see Al on his birthday, family was to have dinner and party, but to say the least there where serious timing issues with others not meeting their commitments. He got out to vote yesterday and will go home in a week per the case workers.
I was commenting on facebook on Sean’s comment about Obama, Branding and delivery. Here is my take on a successful 4 years :
It  will say volumes about america to the rest of the world as well as at home. Many of us are looking for a JFK promise and america in my mind needs a goal beyond winning a war that stretches our humanity – Stable economy (food on the table in your home), economically afforable univerally available health care and social security that function after 2017 would be an interesting trio.
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