20080727 – a fast week with many highs and lows

Al and Judy: Judy’s Funeral is scheduled for Friday, Showing Thursday Night 4-9 at East Washington Flanner and Buchanan. Al is make good progress, he started oatmeal yesterday, was out of bed and was able to sit in a chair. Friday he was moved from St. Francis South to St. Francis Beach Grove Select One care. Still many days of recovery needed but he is dong better. My Dad has finished the floor of his garage/workshop this week. On top of that he made the score of the decade with a great deal on a new black top driveway since he was close to the Pendelton Pike project. Kudos Dad for getting a great bargin. I am way overdue for a bike ride with all the choas that comes with hospitals visits and a funeral being added into a very busy regular schedule. Anna and I where able to car pool this week. We should be able to carpool two to four times a week with the addition of my latest client to my practice. I plan to ride the bike the other 2 days. It is straight downtown via the Monon which is a dream of mine come true. Zach had his townie 21 stolen at Marsh, which is his place of work. More to come on that, one of those nobody has time as it is a low priority to the parties involved. Matt and Zach have been asked to be pallbearers. Matt is enjoying the last fragments of summer vacation. Also a Happy Birthday shout out to Rhonda today:-)
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