20080714 – Weekend at Crane with Barnhills

Okay, you know you are having fun when the Military Police show up and declare you are disturbing the peace 🙂
Oh well, we where due! No one ended up in the brig. Now Leroy had special guests, a nurse Helga and Dr. Proctor…
In all, at last count there where over 45 family members in and out of Greene County and it was a great time. Boating, Tubing behind the boat. Captain Leroy aka Nemo -relished in the fact he could punch anyones ticket on the tube with the Circle of Death!!!
I introduced some of the younger generation to my cannon ball, which resulted in a couple gasps and looks of sheer fright!!! Nothing a couple year of adult drinking won’t cure 🙂
Leroy’s marinated Turkey and Chicken are legendary and I look forward to them with great anticipation.
It was great to see so many relatives and I think all had a great time. Thanks to all that contributed to such a wonderful summer event!
Aunt Dianne took us to the Barnhill plots and showed me and Anna the Bench with a family portrait of my mom’s brother and sisters. It is a wonderful area to reflect on loves ones who have passed before us.
Pictures are being posted, then comments after for those who are out of town.
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