20080711 – Recap of Fourth Holiday

Hello I hope you had a great Fourth Holiday!
We started with week off with Lilly’s party, then a busy week for four days, then the Holiday!!!
TGIF and it was a holiday on top of it. Okay it rained on our parade, flooded the basement (didn’t found out till late the next day), but we had a great time watching all the floats, cars, Mac on the Fire Truck, clowns, and bands! Then after going to the Starbucks to get warmed up with a Mocha, we headed back to the Festival, ate the every popular Apple dumpling and ice cream, gyro, carmel apple with nuts, taffy, cotton candy….. Then we listened to music and watch the physical commedians say Mac, David H, Marcy and Lilly while we where out getting free items from the non-profit tents!!! Then, beer outside with chips at Muldoons to finish the day and people watch.. 🙂 That night we saw the fireworks from about a block south of our house, it was great to watch, great night for it.
Saturday was Anna’s OES Installation. She is Conductress this year and I am proud of her!!! Then we where near my cousin Ed who lives in Moristown, so we stopped by and saw the progress on the homestead – Theater is finished!!!  After a fast week, I used my fathers day gift from Al and Judy to have dinner with Anna at Corabba’s. Great food, loved the lasagna.. Then the call came about the flooded basement.  Well with that said, we did have losses and the new carpet goes down this Monday. We had planned to work on setting up my lab that weekend… wasn’t to be.
Been very busy with contract gigs, so this week flew by as well. On a personal note, my masonic trial concluded with an aquittal… I hope this is the last I will have to endure concerning that. I am soo ready to move on. Went to the local developers user group IndyNDA and had a great time. Look forward to lurking and contributing. Meet great people and look forward to meeting more. Got to catch up with Doug Avery and he and I won door prizes!
This weekend will the be spent with the Barnhills down at Crane, that is my mom’s side of the family. We need to laugh, we lost 3 people in just under three weeks last year before Christmas. So now is the time to celebrate Lee Roy’s 50th and Anna’s xx, can’t say 🙂 Judy’s birthday is today. I was able to have lunch with dad today and I crossed 450 miles on bike this week! I am actually over 500, as I had 50 miles before I installed the Cyclometer. 3 flat tires, 6 spokes broken but a great tan and great memories.
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