20080201 – Zach’s Birthday

I just saw him off to work on his 19th Birthday. It snowed just like his first birthday. It was warm the day Anna went into the hospital, 50 degrees and then it snowed overnight! He started working at Marsh this week as a cashier. Been a rough year since graduation, but as we told him ( I am a successful failure on a daily basis 🙂 ) he has soo much to be grateful for and even more to be grateful for yet to come.
Anna made cup cakes for his friends at the Friday Night Magic Card tourney that he goes to each Friday night.
He is working on rebuilding his college GPA. He is getting things moving back in the right direction with School, work and fun.
Anna and I are so proud of him. We try to hard to make sure that comes out often. It is hard to keep that forefront as a parent that reminds him of what he has to work on. I love being his parent and I work hard at being better at it. I have good teachers.
I am getting older as it was hard looking at all these pictures without getting emotional… I am thankful I and Anna have always had camera’s and used them….Klenex break.
Kevin’s birthday was 1/29 and is 10 months older than I to the day, so I added some pictures of him as well.
Jimmy’s is one week after Zachs so I added some pictures of him as well.
We are celebrating Zach’s birthday Sunday at Red Robin at 1:00pm then comming back to watch the Super Bowl.
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