Recap Oct 2nd thru Nov 10th

I hope you have had a great fall experience so far and that Halloween was a treat.
Since I last updated the blog, Anna has been out to visit, we secured new digs. Anna and Matt will join me after Christmas.
I will be back in Indy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
At Thanksgiving to help Anna, Matt and Zach to move out of the current appartment and then at Christmas to move our belongings to Snoqualmie, WA by New Years day.
Zach is going to get his first introduction to being a bachelor before going on campus Fall 2008 by staying in Indy with Al & Judy for the spring semester. It will be a good experience for him, time for our son to make his own way in the world. He had his first travel experence alone when he went on a field trip to the Financial district in NY,NY. I hope he will blog about it so I can link to it with the pictures his friends took!
Matt has been working on several projects at school in his transportation class and has turned into a real "creator" of things. I likewise hope that he will write about it and post the pictures.
While Anna was out in Washington we had a great time and we carved our pumpking from Remlinger Farms, which Anna affetionately named Lola!
We confirmed that Snoqualmie was the place to return to and as opportunity would have it, a three bedroom apartment we had been looking for became available.
I can’t express how hard it was for us to go to the airport, as neither wanted to let the other go, but we made it through… We will have this issue again at Thanksgiving, but it is my hope that since the Move will be right around the corner, it won’t be so difficult.
I have put pictures up previous to this posting of our outings and hope you enjoy the pictures, we had a great time.
Fall has made it’s presence known and as you can see morning frost and snow on the mountain tops winter is not far off.
On another front, I was invited over for dinner with Chris and Janis. It was a great time and other than some issues with the kitchen sink that will not be recapped online, it was a brilliant time. He and Janis are off for the rest of the month on vacation, cruise, etc. Sorry I don’t have a picture, he is going to get me one, as the Kitchen sink eppisode prevented that from occuring.
I have made progress on the health front and I am a full 4 sizes smaller around the waist and feeling much better for it.
I am working on the technical front as well and the ideas are flowing again. I am so glad to be doing what I really feel I am good at!
I am looking forward to 2008 for many many reasons and working to make 2008 one of the best balanced years every! 
I am working to stay in contact, but if I have been too quiet for your comfort, please call, write or email and I will try to do better!
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  • David  On November 11, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    From: wayne grigsby  Sent: Sunday, November 11, 2007 7:48 AMTo: David W. GrigsbySubject: Yes

        Yeh I had something to do with a lot of them doors, tops, side pannels, floor boards, tail gates, cargo doors, cowel-dash or seat covers ect. The only thing we didn\’t make was the front finders and the hood.  Late 60\’s or early 70\’s This was the last model when I worked on production as I went on Die Making.
    Love  Dad

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