Sushi and Shoot’em up

Friday, Chris stopped by 109 and we took a moment to catch up. Take a look at his new ride, it is sweet and I am sure he likes tooling around with Janis in the car!
Saturday was a good day to sleep in a little extra after a week in a new rhythm.
I enjoy the work and it is very relevant and challenging.
I had a chance to catch up on a couple phone calls with Dan, Dad, Anna and a client named Randy Schutz.
Dad said it was very rainy, Anna had been to the Lions Club Fall Festival and Dan had been to the scholfield house in Madison for an Entered Apprentice degree with Larry.
Harry and I worked in his yard for the early part of the afternoon after a late breakfast/lunch/brunch and I had finished my phone calls. We even cleaned out the third bay so that I can park the car in it.
With the chores done, we programmed the car’s garage door opener in the car and we where off to Toyoda Sushi Bar in Lake City. Harry has history there as it is his favorite birthday place to eat and now it is one of mine. Toyoda has great sushi, sashimi, etc, it is a great community place and very interesting and entertaining to watch them prepare the food. I was introduced to Helen, an owner and friend of Harry’s, who was very charming and made me think about how we treated our customers at the coffee house. I can’t wait to bring my family here and enjoy dinner with them. On the way Harry took me to the lingerie Coffee Hut that was staffed by young ladies in sexy outfits. It does make of a nice pick me up and interesting view when you drive through and order your beverage. It’s all in fun to attract more customers and shake things up a bit in an old and reliable method.
After we  had coffee and dinner we took a walk around Lake City. I found a hobby store that I want to bring the boys to, as it is one of the largest I have seen and it has models, magic cards, mage knights, etc. I am sure it will make for great browsing.
We left Lake City and went to Issaquah to see Shoot’em up with Clive Owen and Paul Giamonti. It is clearly not for young kids, but with a title of shoot’em up, you know what you are going for and it delivers. It was fund. They kids where all out and most where at Barnes and Noble, so it was interesting to seem them hanging around and being kids.
Well it was a good, full day and today we are going hiking, Costco, the store and finish up with the doing the laundry.
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