Hiking Frankin Falls

Happy Labor Day!
Well yesterday I wanted to go to Talapus and Olallie Lakes, but well it didn’t happen. I need a Northwest Forestry Pass which I have to get from the Ranger Station in North Bend next week.
Plan B – Franklin Falls. Okay, so this was very interesting as it is well traveled, read as not enough parking, so I did like every one else, you find a patch of sholder and park.
It is a great family hike, pretty, well groomed and easy to navigate. The reward is wonderfull, both the view and the ability to sit, or cool down in the pool or to climb rocks, etc.
As you can tell by the people, it was an easy hike, little over a mile each way. I spent as much time hiking to and from the car 🙂 Oh and way more time finding the trail and a spot to park, but I was rewarded for my effort with great views and getting to know the area better.
I was amazed at how much was nestled away between the west and east bound lanes of i-90 from mile marker 47 to 53.
I want to do the Iron Horse trail and Snoqualmie Pass Tunnel, but I need a volunteer as it over 8 miles one way, so we will need to park at both ends. Great views from what I can tell and great bridges as well.
I have uploaded pictures and a couple of my room and some flowers for Anna 🙂
I am going to do some local trails – Preston Fall City and Snoqualmie today.
Hope your day is a great one!
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