Hiking Rattle Snake Ledge

It was a beautiful day to go hiking!
I choose Rattle Snake Ledge in North Bend as it was one of the best views for the effort and too be honest, I needed to see how out of shape I really was…. Okay the tightness in my chest was a reminder that I was breathing in deeper and although the air was much cleaner and better smelling. It took me a bit to acclimate. No I wasn’t having a heart attake, it was really just breathing that much deaper and my chest was using its muscles that much more! 
After the first 1/2 mile going up, I was fine and back to my old 1st gear 18 wheeler stride with a mail truck tendency to makes frequent stops. 🙂
It was such a perfect day for a hike, not to hot, not too cold. The only thing better would have been to have Anna, Zach, Matt and Holly with me or other friends.  Regardless I enjoy hiking so much, I was gratefull just to be out in the forest and mountains.
I have added pictures from my phone. I was fortunate to meet a dad, Craig, hiking with his three sons. Zach will be glad to know that the middle son provided a family memory of hike in colorado at about the final 1/8 of the hike to the top. All turned out well and the oldest son took my picture for me. I took a picture of the four of them for their Mom, who was enjoying a mothers day out at the spa!.
Craig works at Microsoft as a developer in the embedded XP space and we had a good chat has he cared for his toddler he carried up in his back back carrier, Kindergartner and third grader. I enjoyed being the observer of times past for me with Zach and Matt.
I had taken a package of Tuna, a Kashi Honey Oat Bar, an Apple and a Butter Scotch pudding up with me for my lunch, and it was tops!
It is always amazing to me how much better food tastes when you are on a good hike.
After me hike down I cruzed around to see what had changed in three years in North Bend and Snoqualmie, and to be honest, lots. I know the area well so it was interesting to see all the new editions, new businesses, library, IGA, Starbucks, etc.
I can’t wait till Anna and maybe Matt comes to visit in October, so we can go site seeing together.
I spent the afternoon at Barnes and Noble reading and picked up the latest Terry Brooks sci-fi book, The Elves of Cintra, part of a long series I have been reading for almost 30 years. Milton and I met him once in Indiana at a Borders book signing, and again in Ellensburg one fall with Anna, Zach and Matt.
After I had eating my favorite Red Robing Banzi Boca Burger, I will to Tully’s for a Mocha too read my new book in the easy chair by the firepace. Anna and I really like Issaquah.
I finished the night getting the car gassed up and gave it a bath.
I am working on deciding between wallace falls or gillman trail or Snoqualmie Ridge trails…. I will update you tomorrow!
May your day be enjoyable and full of the people you love.
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