The hunt is on

Been a busy week, between clients, applying for positions, both FTE and contract. Kids in the full swing of school. Anna and I have talked alot about want we want out of life these past couple of months. Anna plans to stay in Indiana this time till I get settled in, that way Matt can finish his sophmore year. Zach is in his first year of Indiana University’s Kelly Business School and would just move onto campus next year. Some may already be aware that I have applied at Microsoft both as a FTE – Blue Badge and as a contractor – Orange Badge. 
I am looking for a role as a Feature or Technical PM, preferably in a product group or a Senior Consultant. I belive I can ramp up on just about any technology that leverages my development, debugging and SQL strengths. I have applied for Blue and Organge Badge positions.
I have my resume available at as well incase you know of a position you would recommend me for.
A rough day at Microsoft with good co-workers is still a good day, just took me some time to appreciate and acknowledge it. I miss the PNW air and beauty.
My sister seems to be at a good plateau, my dad as well. Anna’s parents are stable. 2004 was rough and I don’t expect to repeat that again.
So one to another week of hunting! 
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