Monday Monday – Mama and the Papa’

As I sat down to write this entry, with it storming, thunderbooms with great lightning show, this song that was my mother’s favorite came to mind. I found a excellent version in video on the web, so if you have a minute or two, give it a spin. I know for a fact I heard this on the LP player so many times, I thought that was the only record mom had.
Zach started orientation yesterday, and will go again today and tomorrow, with his first real day Wednesday!.
Matt was so thrilled to return to class today, he asked if it was summer break yet 🙂
Anna and I had a great Sunday, as we went with her parents, Al & Judy to go look at a weekend lake cottage in Farifield, In. by Brookville Lake. Nice trip to the deep country by the Ohio border, and we had a great dinner with her parents, Aunt Biny and her grandson Mike Fuller who was in visiting. We ate at the Sherman House which has great german food. If you look at the menu, I had the "German Fare" – a really nice sampler, and of course the best to me was the potato pancakes… hmmm. The meatloaf was wonderful as well.
Side note, Anna and I will be supporting her brother Jeff, tomorrow at court, so good thoughts to him are requested. You never want a jury trial where some you care about is the defendant for anything, especially a charge that seems contrived and trumped up by your ex. I will leave it at that.
Anna and I have both been busy submitting resumes online and are making headway, more to come as we make decissions (and of course offers). So if you know of somethng that you think sounds like us, let us know.
I will say I find Monster so far to be very well done as well as many Employer and Staffing Sites. Very interesting to see how the online world has reshapped this process of our lives.
Well back to client work, hope you enjoy the music and the day. I will work on getting some of our pictures from Sarasota this year posted soon.
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